Bervi Adams has worn many hats in her life. A nurse by profession, writing has always been her passion. She is the mother of two grown children, one currently living in England, the other currently living in Las Vegas. She is proud to report that they are both successfully “launched” and no longer on her payroll! Anyone who knows her will agree that her family and friends along with their wellbeing is paramount to her own wellbeing. She is fortunate to have found the most wonderful man who is responsible for her finally summoning the courage to share her creative gift with the world. She is thrilled to be publishing Night Tastings: The Ingress, part one of a trilogy that has been a long time coming to fruition. When not delving into the depths of her imagination, Bervi enjoys travel, shelling, wine tasting, the occasional spa day and just being with friends, family and most of all, her favorite guy.