Thinking about other wineries that I have visited

I count myself lucky to have visited several wine regions. I thought it would be fun to exchange experiences that we have had wine tasting and traveling. It may not come as a surprise, but these travels always fuel my imagination for yet another novel, in fact, I have a second book in this series just about ready to go. Night Tastings is a trilogy, with a possible fourth book rolling around in my head. And just recently, another possible book has been popping into my head. In fact, today at the gym, I had to stop and jot down some notes. hmmm, next week in Napa could be interesting in unexpected ways! Anyway, today I was thinking about a winery I visited with my son and daughter before Covid. It was in Malta! Marsovin was the name, and it was a really pleasant surprise. The building was ancient and there was a very steep, very narrow winding stone staircase you had to descend to see the barrel room. Back upstairs we were then treated to very generous pours and a beautiful old roughhewn table was heavily laden with charcuterie of every kind. We unfortunately cannot access these wines here in the US due to customs rules now of some sort, but if you ever get the chance to travel to Malta, make this a must. Oh, and another fun stop was the glass works, absolutely beautiful pieces.

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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun, wine tasting in Napa! Can’t wait to read the book in detail to see how the lived experiences/ inspirations are reflected in the chapters!!

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